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IMPORTANT NOTICE " As of" 6th June 2020 until further notice

Glencorse Covid-19 Statement90638520_1621556237997123_9116312499463913472_o As of 6th JUNE 2020 until further notice. IMPORTANT COVID 19  IMFORMATION.   We will REOPEN for fishing on Saturday 6th June 2020,  Government Guidelines to Covid 19 will apply.                         2 anglers  will be allowed on a boat, but must be  2 meters away from each other. Let the angler who is controlling the engine etc to get on and set up first, please dont both try and get on and off the boat together.  No sharing equipment, do not touch other anglers or their equipment. This is also  applicable to "ALL" facilities used by anglers.  Anglers ,must use their own equipment,  nets, batteries, outboards etc Fishery equipment, will NOT be available.   Fishery staff cannot assist anglers in anyway getting off or on boats, or have contact with anglers at any time.  Only one angler to deal with paying for the fishing outing. (CASH ONLY) Paid on the day of the outing.  Antibacterial Handwash etc will be made available. PLEASE do not stand in groups, and comply with the guidelines. OPEN Tuesday to Sunday 9am to 4.30pm  All the boats "MUST" be back into their moorings at 4.30pm to allow cleaning etc of all the boats.                                     Cars must be parked as close to the wall as possible. Please dont obstruct passing vehicles, or park in passing bays. Signs will be posted at the fishery, please read them carefully before fishing. thank you for your co-operation.                     Stay safe and save lifes.      Bill Taylor