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2019 updates



We Opened for the 2019 on Sat 23rd March,  it was not ideal weather with the wind , but all the anglers that did brave the conditions had some great sport. Roslin Elite a/c had 3 boats and all managed their bag limits plus returned lots more.  Kenni Hope and Shane Kelly from the kellys heroes had 5 boats out and had in the region of 60fish on catch /release. Chris Melville and D.Huges had 8 fish for around 30lbs including a cracking Brownie. Lines mostly D3 and fast glass With Black/Green lures , boobie, fabs to mention a few.   On Sunday 24th March due to the increased strenth on the wind the club called off and the others who did go out , called it a day around 12 oclock. 54515664_408577983291883_1899575618824044544_n

 Update to 31st March,  Been a excellent week for the fishing with some tremendous bags coming off.  There has also been a large number of fish returned on Catch/release. Mid Week saw some great bags averaging around 12/13lbs for 4 fish. But several larger fish have been taken and released. Mikey Piper had 4 for 15lbs and released his biggest ever fish. All taken on intermediate line teamed up with Black/green Fritz and Sunburst Blob. The Phenoix Angling club was out on Saturday and had some excellent bags , again averaging around 12/13lbs for 4 fish. One of their members had well over 20 fish alone. On Sunday, the temp was much lower and it was bitterly cold. It was a slower start for the Pencaitland AC, but the WEATHER IMPROVED and so did the fishing. Most of the club had a great day and had fish in numbers.  Regular Kenny Gray had some outstanding sport with 30 plus fish including this cracking Rainbow showen below. Intermediate .or D3 sweep has done great. Cormorants, blobs, damsels, Dancers etc etc have all taken fish in good numbers.55698741_1304777619674988_8151361046020358144_n (1)

Report upto 7th April,  Been a quiet week apart from the weekend. The weather has been similar to February, sleet, snow, rain, and cold has put the anglers off, but on Saturday the fishing was fairly good. DL a/c 5 boats had 85 fish on catch/release.  Penicuik a/c had a good day , they had 4 boats and all managed great bags. G sharp returned over 16 fish including a couple of double figured rainbows. Ian forrest, also returned a double figured Brownie.  Tam Ramsay also fishing as a guest had some nice fish on catch/release. Photos below.   Sunday was much slower with very heavy fog, rain and bitter cold . The heriots ac were having their first outing of the season at Glencorse, and done so so. Alan Jackson and partner had 8 fish for 26lbs and returned several more. Mickey piper had his bag and released a few more. Black and green lures, sunburst blobs and black green cormorants fished on intermediate lines done the best. IMPORTANT NOTICE. Please would ALL anglers fishing catch release use barbless or debarbed hooks, and DO NOT lift the fish into the boat. Keep in the water at all times and try and handle the fish as little as possible THANK YOU.56679341_1104450883095777_5113207296586940416_n




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Report upto 14th April,  Fished excellent upto Friday 12th with the Pentland civil service a/c having there first visit of the season to Glencorse Rsv. They managed 56 fish for approx 207 lbs ! With plenty more fish being caught and released.  Saturday we had the wellington A/c also having there first visit of the season. Completly different day ! It was really bitter cold ad a east wind. Many anglers called it a day at lunch time, and not nearly as many fish caught as the previous day. Sunday 14th was much the same as the Saturday, bitter cold ,again with an east wind. The Blackbull from Dalkeith were having a outing but found things fairly hard going. Some nice fish were caught aswell as well as returning a few , including some lovely browns. Photo from Friday shows George from the Pentland Civil Service showing off one of his catch.56904979_1313023142183769_1111275431530594304_o