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2019 updates and reports



We Opened for the 2019 on Sat 23rd March,  it was not ideal weather with the wind , but all the anglers that did brave the conditions had some great sport. Roslin Elite a/c had 3 boats and all managed their bag limits plus returned lots more.  Kenni Hope and Shane Kelly from the kellys heroes had 5 boats out and had in the region of 60fish on catch /release. Chris Melville and D.Huges had 8 fish for around 30lbs including a cracking Brownie. Lines mostly D3 and fast glass With Black/Green lures , boobie, fabs to mention a few.   On Sunday 24th March due to the increased strenth on the wind the club called off and the others who did go out , called it a day around 12 oclock. 54515664_408577983291883_1899575618824044544_n

 Update to 31st March,  Been a excellent week for the fishing with some tremendous bags coming off.  There has also been a large number of fish returned on Catch/release. Mid Week saw some great bags averaging around 12/13lbs for 4 fish. But several larger fish have been taken and released. Mikey Piper had 4 for 15lbs and released his biggest ever fish. All taken on intermediate line teamed up with Black/green Fritz and Sunburst Blob. The Phenoix Angling club was out on Saturday and had some excellent bags , again averaging around 12/13lbs for 4 fish. One of their members had well over 20 fish alone. On Sunday, the temp was much lower and it was bitterly cold. It was a slower start for the Pencaitland AC, but the WEATHER IMPROVED and so did the fishing. Most of the club had a great day and had fish in numbers.  Regular Kenny Gray had some outstanding sport with 30 plus fish including this cracking Rainbow showen below. Intermediate .or D3 sweep has done great. Cormorants, blobs, damsels, Dancers etc etc have all taken fish in good numbers.55698741_1304777619674988_8151361046020358144_n (1)

Report upto 7th April,  Been a quiet week apart from the weekend. The weather has been similar to February, sleet, snow, rain, and cold has put the anglers off, but on Saturday the fishing was fairly good. DL a/c 5 boats had 85 fish on catch/release.  Penicuik a/c had a good day , they had 4 boats and all managed great bags. G sharp returned over 16 fish including a couple of double figured rainbows. Ian forrest, also returned a double figured Brownie.  Tam Ramsay also fishing as a guest had some nice fish on catch/release. Photos below.   Sunday was much slower with very heavy fog, rain and bitter cold . The heriots ac were having their first outing of the season at Glencorse, and done so so. Alan Jackson and partner had 8 fish for 26lbs and returned several more. Mickey piper had his bag and released a few more. Black and green lures, sunburst blobs and black green cormorants fished on intermediate lines done the best. IMPORTANT NOTICE. Please would ALL anglers fishing catch release use barbless or debarbed hooks, and DO NOT lift the fish into the boat. Keep in the water at all times and try and handle the fish as little as possible THANK YOU.56679341_1104450883095777_5113207296586940416_n




56350736_1207304786097377_1396809611897470976_n (1)

Report upto 14th April,  Fished excellent upto Friday 12th with the Pentland civil service a/c having there first visit of the season to Glencorse Rsv. They managed 56 fish for approx 207 lbs ! With plenty more fish being caught and released.  Saturday we had the wellington A/c also having there first visit of the season. Completly different day ! It was really bitter cold ad a east wind. Many anglers called it a day at lunch time, and not nearly as many fish caught as the previous day. Sunday 14th was much the same as the Saturday, bitter cold ,again with an east wind. The Blackbull from Dalkeith were having a outing but found things fairly hard going. Some nice fish were caught aswell as well as returning a few , including some lovely browns. Photo from Friday shows George from the Pentland Civil Service showing off one of his catch.56904979_1313023142183769_1111275431530594304_o

 Report upto 21st April ,  What a change in the weather this week, it was like Febuary last week, now its hotter than Holiday resorts in Europe.  The really hot and Bright weather didnt stop the fish from feeding. Their was a massive hatch of Beatles and the fish were having a feast. It fished fairly well up until about 2 pm ! then it just seem to switch off. Some guys James Jack and mate Danny had a great day with well into double figures using Buzzers and floating lines. The Last Cast a/c (Ian and Nigel Muckle) and members all had their bag limits and returned several more. The Roslin British Legion a/c All bagged up and returned several more As did the Roslin Elite Anglers. The following Day the Westlothian Fly Dressers and the West Linton angling club had a outing.  The fishing was much the same as the previous day and both clubs had good catches and released several more. Again, the fishing slowed right down around 2pm. Photos below are off Jim Jack and  Davie Lowder showing off their catch.

57258240_1317783605041056_1787266776698978304_n (1)

 57564608_1318460831640000_3327816982509649920_o (1)

This Deserves a mention, Jim Jack fishing with BP A/C Today Wednesday 24th April caught and Released carefully this Magnificent Brown Trout at Glencorse Rsv. A fish of a life time. Photo Below. We will be OPEN for evening fishing from Wednesday 1st May and will OPEN for 2 boats or more.  Bookings can be made on the same day, but PLEASE dont just turn up as it is for bookings only. Evening session are available on Tue, Wed and Thur until further notice. If there is enough interest we will consider opening other evenings  . Evening sessions are from 5.15 to 10 ish. 58619831_1321405664678850_8666884733608656896_o (1)

Report upto 5th May 2019, Back to bitter cold weather with hail stones, cold east wind and rain. But depite the weather, some cracking bags and returns. Pentland Civil Service had there 2nd Outing at Glencorse Rsv and done really well again. Club member Andy had 30 fish including a nice brown that was around 6lbs.  Regular, Davy Thomson had a good day with 4 fish for just under 13lbs on hois fav fly a kate McLaren.  Derek Sibson from Penicuik had a good day despite the bitter cold wind, Derek caught and released a few including this cracking brownie (PHOTO BELOW ) Along with Davy and Andy.59285727_398924807623561_4879316172354355200_o



Report upto 12th May , Was quiet due to cancellations during the week as the weather was not ideal for some of the anglers. But we had a full weekend and some excellent bags came off and plenty more caught and released. Below is a photo of a couple of the lads from the Lochdar ac Showing off fish from the bag limits.60259303_1334647083354708_6878952498971803648_n

Report upto 21st may, Very Change weather has had an effect on the fishing. One day it can fish very well with anglers enjoyin great sport on Various patterns from Dries, to lures to fabs/bobbies etc normally floating to D3 lines.  Then the next day it can be a real struggle .  We had had a couple of clubs out recently and some members have managed their bag limits and returned several more, other anglers have struggled to even get a pull. Wehave had Summer weather one min and the next its a bitterly cold wind , this is knocking the fishing right off at times.  Fish have been shown them selves in massive numbers , but have been very selective at times.

Report upto 26th May, Wind Wind and more Wind and rain. This week has been dreadful regards the weather. Very Strong winds along with Rain and cold has not been ideal for the fishing. We had a busy week despite the adverse weather, but it was a hit or a miss regards the returns. Thursday the Police West had a outing, it was a misrable day weather wise with strong winds and rain, they managed 21 fish for 56lbs. On Friday the PSSC was having their third outing of the season and Again the weather was not ideal with wind and rain, they managed 38 fish for 111lbs 14oz.  Saturday the Cartmore ac, had their first ever visit to Glencorse and again ! the weather was not ideal with wind and rain, they managed 17 fish for 51lbs 5oz. Sunday, the wind had really increased and it was touch and go whether the Kelso Legion went out.  The guys had all turned up and was looking forward to the day on Glencorse. They decided to give it a try, but the wind and rain gained strenth ,as the day went on, and they decided to call it a day arounf 2.30.  They ended up with around 35 fish for approx 108lbs.  I would like to take this oppotunity to thank All the anglers who came and fished at Glencorse Rsv this week despite the really dreadful adverse weather. Below is a photo of Benny Gribble one of the successful anglers.61554737_1345029038983179_3216483398608486400_n

REPORT UPTO 2nd JUNE 2019, QUIET Week due to the strong winds and poor weather. The weekend was a bit better and Saturday fished much better with some excellent returns. The wiremill ac from Edinburgh had 41 fish for 111lbs and returned many more, best patterns hoppers and damsel nymphs.  Jock Kettles and Derek sibson had well into double figures on Midge tip lines teamed up with Fabs and nymphs. Kenny Gray and Stevie Whitehouse had over 20 to the boat using various methiods.  Sunday was a strong wind and it was much cooler than the Saturday. Falkirk Municipal had 26 fish for over 70lbs.

Report upto 9th JUNE , Just rain rain and wind for most of the week. Thursday was by far our best day weather wise and the fishing was also much better. There was a light ripple on the water and the fish were feeding. Tam Dowswell and Derek Carson had a fantastic day on Dries with loads of fish.  Davy thomson a regular also had his bag on 4 for 15lns 7 oz and released another 9. Dougie Gribble and a family member from the USA also had fish well into double figures on varioys patterns.  Then Friday Evening ! We had thunder and heavy rain. The Roslin Legion was having a evening session and Andy Hamlon was there most successful member with a good bag of 4 for around 14lbs. Most of the other members only managed the odd fish or two.  Gilmerton AC was out on Saturday and it just rained heavy all day. The conditions were far from ideal and the fishing was very hard. They managed 13 fish and released another 6. Sunday 9th We had a small group from England,  THE BORDER BEARS who ive known for many a year.  They had a fair day despite the conditions mostly using dries. Jonathan Scott shows off a nice fish he caught in what you would call a hard day at the office.  Fish are moving every where, but proving difficult to tempt. We have also decided that due to circumstances, EVENING SESSIONS will only be held for club or group bookings by arrangement for the 2020 season etc. Below is a photo of Jonathan from the Border Bears showing off.



Another week of very very heavy rain, our water levels are as high as ive ever seen them for this time of the year. Despite that, the weekend was fairly good and Glencorse Rsv was holding a heat of the Scierra Pairs National Comp. It was a well attended event with some top anglers being present. Including 2 of the Scottish internation team Ladies Members. The returns were good, and fish were averaging around 3/4lbs. The first 2 anglers in with their 8 fish limit were Jock Kettles and Mike Connet they clocked in at 11.15am and had 29lbs 8oz plus their time bonus . Second to clock in at 12.20 was Craig Scott (owner) of Raith Lake and Owen Cook they had 8 fish for 26lbs plus time bonus and 3rd to clock in at 12.52 was Kenny Dickens and A.Boyne with 8 fish for 31lbs 12 oz plus time bonus.  After Phil Dixon calculated the time bonus etc, the eventual winners were Jock Kettles & Mike Connet and in 2nd place was Kenny Dickens & A. Boyne. The heavist fish at 5lbs 6oz went to Scottish Ladies internationalist Liz Fraser.  Bill Taylor from Glencorse Rsv would like to thank all the Anglers who took part and to Phil Dixon for holding the event. Photos below  safe_image

Report upto 23rd June 2019,  The fishing has been very changeable over the last week.  due to the recent Weather !excessive rainfall, thunder/lightning , Cold then Warm  Conditions,THE WEATHER has been all over the place, and so has the returns. Some anglers have done fairly well and had some nice bags, others have struggled and had only one or two fish and some have not even had a touch. Friday we had the Milngavie ac who done well, best rod on the day was Ronnie Orr who had a cracking bag on fish avaeraging around 3.5 per fish and returned another 11. Saturday we had the Northfield ac from Edinburgh, their best rod was Andy Wilson with 4 for over 15lbs. and on Sunday we had the Bank of Scotland east they had a fair day with Scott Nicol have 11 on c/r and one of their guest Grahame Watson who had some excellent sport on a fast glass line with Candy booby . Photo below of one of Grahame s fish.65204447_315934562619728_6472817586848399360_n

 Report upto 7th July,  The fishing as the weather has been much better  The Bank of Scotland West and the Paisley patterns both had a great day on Rsv. Bags of 4 fish for 15lbs + were taken. Dries and cormorants fished sub surface doing well.   The fish are top quality and are fighting like demons. Its imperative that anglers dont fish to light, as they will get broken on the take or runs.  7lb/8lbs flouro advisable.

REPORT UPTO 14th July, Holiday time and quiet. What a week for changeable weather, thunder, heavy rain, muggy and clammy , then more heavy rains.  This has knocked the fishing right off, one day can fish well  (result from Sat 13th below) Then Sunday 14th Hardly a fish showing and very difficult to temp very hard going Typical Dog Month ! Just hard going despite being stocked .  66488203_2381321368820104_3540355633880498176_n (1)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 REPORT UPTO 29th JULY 2019 BELOW

Very Quiet recently due to the weather and holidays. Not a great deal to report. The Rusty Nail ac was out at the weekend aswell as DL ac.    The Rusty nail done okay and had a few fish, mostly on sinking lines. Photos after report of a few of the fish taken. DL ac were fishing catch/release.   The weather recently is as bad as ive seen in years for Fly Fishing.  The Air Pressure has been changing every other day. We have had thundery weather ,with heavy heavy rainfall, and temps upto over 31.8 nearly 90degrees.  Anglers are reporting that the fish that are getting caught , are warm to touch. We have over 70ft in depth at Glencorse in places, and if the water is warm here, anglers will struggle. There has not been any really good catches to report, the best recently was Jimmy Jack who had 9 on a dreadful day weather wise. Jimmy was on a D7 line with Cormorant and Booby. Here is hoping the weather becomes a bit more settled soon. This is having a major impact on the fishing anf the number of anglers coming out.67766681_1394385917380824_1828397951915917312_n (1)67160623_1394385977380818_6624385208902746112_n


 LATEST REPORT Upto 5th  AUGUST 2019,   got my fish supplier to check our water temp ! and its reading between 18/19 degrees   Unreal to say the least, no wonder the fish are not feeding and the fishing is hard.     Saturday 3rd August Fished better than the Sunday but still was a very hard day for some. The Neptune ac was having a outing and only a couple of the anglers managed fish.  Regulars done a bit better Peter shows off his catch below, his fish were taken on dry flies kate maclaren and black hopper.  Also having a day out was Billy Seawright and Brian from the Loanhead and District angling club. Brian had 4 for 18lbs taken on a d7 lines with Yellow/white fab and pink boobie. Billy fishing the same had only one touch.  Sunday was harder and the Herriots Ac only managed 14 fish on catch/release using various. The water Temp on Saturday was up slightly at 20, and is constantly changing as is the Air Pressure, thats knocking the fishing right off.  PHOTOS from Saturday                                  67796900_1399571223528960_8250915458773942272_n

67740895_1399571263528956_2524360937960374272_nUP DATE 06 AUGUST, We are Starting to take bookings again from Wednesday 14th August, as we have recently only been OPEN due to the recent weather for pre booked club outings. Here is hoping that the weather has now started to become more settled and that the water temp starts to cool.

REPORT UPTO 11th AUGUST 2019 Another weekend of changeable weather, Saturday 10th August was a lovely day and fish in numbers were feeding on the surface. We had 2 clubs having an outing  1, was Peniucuik a/c and 2, The Roslin Elite anglers. There was good signs of the fishing returning to its usual standards, but as usual there were some guys having great sport and others finding it a bit hard going. Penicuik a/c had 29 fish for 97lbs 9oz with a few fish also returned. Best bag was MIKE CONNET with 4 for 16lbs 4oz.  Paul Satti, had 2 crackers for 12lbs.  Roslin Elite Anglers best rod was Fraser Newby with 4 fish for 15lbs 3oz.  PHOTOS BELOW.    Sunday 11th August was unreal , the rainfall was so heavy and never halted all day.  The paisley Patterns had 21 fish for 59lbs 4oz and returned a few more. Thw first Bannockburn Angling club found things a bit harder and their members were only getting 1 or 2 fish in the bags.  Saturday was D3 or Floating lines with dries and various fabs and boobie.   Sunday was again floating lines with dries or Midge tip with nymphs .67808141_1404864836332932_3867789260329320448_n67838657_1404870019665747_1500555706573520896_n68538782_1404870049665744_4867704157038968832_n

Report upto 18th August, Another changable week weather wise. Its been quiet again , but a few were out on Wednesday.   The conditions were fairly good and it reflected on the returns. Davy Thomson a regular at Glencorse had 4 cracking fish for 15lbs 9oz and released a few more on Kate Maclarens fished on a Cortland blue line.  Photo Below.  Mikey Piper had 2 for 7lbs taken on a damsel nymph.  The remainder of the week was harder going with Strong gusty winds and heavy rainfall.   We have now started to take bookings for the 2020 season that starts WEATHER PERMITTING on Saturday 7th March 2020 (Already fully booked).  If any clubs etc have dates they prefer, its advisable to try book ASAP. To book email [email protected]    Thank You.68776949_1407972806022135_6511502456067719168_n68709189_1407972729355476_2654792441835552768_n

Report upto 2nd September, Really sorry guys very little to report recently. The weather has been all over the place as you probably already know. One weekend its blistering hot with not a cloud in the sky, the following week its blowing a gale upto 40mph and heavy rain.  Not any good for fly fishing. Also, another problem is , they have reduced the water levels at Loganlee Reservoir by a meter or more and all the water has no came into Glencorse. This as you will all probably know and understand, also puts the fishing right off.  We still have a few weeks left of the 2019 season, and if we get enough interest , will stay open until the end of October 2019.  We are now taking bookings for 2020 season, so if you have preferd dates, its advisable to book ASAP.  All enquires and bookings can be made by emailing [email protected]