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2017 Reports and Photos

17523136_992576810872750_7671185890643451611_n17630036_1961249204161636_3719187804015438731_nGood start to the 2017 season, Saturday 25th March was our opening day and all the boats were out. Top boat was Tam Ramsay and Craig Gibbons with 25 fish. Many other boats had into the high teens.  Sunday 26th had 2 Clubs out, The Bank of Scotland and St Johns.  All of the boats had fish in good numbers.   Mother nature was looking down on us and the weather was outstanding for the time of year. Warm ,with not a cloud in the sky. This did make the fishing that wee bit harder, and d3 or d5 lines teamed up with Cormorants and boobies was the most productive on the day.  On Saturday 1st April , Wellington Angling Club were having there first outing of the season , and all there members done very well. Best boat was Stuart Strachen with well over 20 fish C/R.  Sunday 2nd April , the Blackbull flyfishing club had there first outing of the season, and the majoirty of there members done very well.  Mike Connet from team Glencorse Rsv was top man on the day with nearly 40 fish to the boat, boobies fished on D5 line done the business.17626519_10206468547631627_4698631793482234211_n


SATURDAY 8TH APRIL, WE HAD 2 CLUBS ON PENICUIK ANGLING CLUB AND WestLothian Fly Dressers.  The weather was like summer with very warm conditions and not a cloud in the sky. This without a dought made the fishing much more testing that before.  The fish seemed to be in pods and deep. D5 and D3 lines teamed up with various patterns were used to temp the troots. West Lothian Fly Dressers ended up with 33 fish for 81lbs.   The penicuik Club seemed to do better with Grahame Sharp and Mike connet have over 20 to the boat. Boobies on D5 lines . Also fishing with Penicuik as a guest was Mike Moran and Kenny Gray who had over 20 to the boat.

Sunday 9th Was cold and breezy, total change from the day before. The heriots had 4 boats out and there best boat was Brian Griffin and Tommy Steven with 23 fish to the boat. Again d5 and d3 lines with various patterns.

IMG_9271 (1)IMG_9273DSC00128


We had 10 boats cancel on Wednesday this week due to the very strong wind.  Sat 15th Started off with a light cool breeze, but by mid morning the wind had picked right up and the temps had dropped. 2 clubs were have a outing and The Last Cast ac IAN MUCKLE Reporter from Trout Fisherman and his Brother NIGEL and friends all managed there bag limits and released a few in the adverse conditions, Good Angling guys. The Roslin British Legion club struggled and several of the members left early due to the conditions. They did manage a few fish but found it hard going.  Mike Connett and Stewart Malcomson were Top Boat with well over 20 fish to the boat. They managed to get a slightly shelterd area that was holding fish in numbers.  SUNDAY 16th was a completly different day weather wise and the fish were playing ball.  Kenni Hope & Vic Brown  boat 1 & James Hope & Billy Forester boat 2 had a outstanding days fishing with over 62 fish between them. Fish ranged from 2lbd to 6/7lbs.  "ONE ANGLER" Sandy Denholm from Loanhead had a FISH OF A LIFE TIME when he hooked a massive double figured Brown Trout that was feeding in the margins. Other returns were Bill Seawright with a bag for 13lbs 8oz,  Mike Piper with a nice bag for 11lbs. Ross Carnaigie and his Dad released a few and had a lovely day.



REPORT TO APRIL 23rd 2017   Wednesday 19th had BP Angling Club and all there members had there bag limits including a few fish around 7lbs/8lbs mark D3 with damsels being the most productive. Saturday 22nd We had the Bank of Scotland and St Boswells angling clubs out aswell as Dougie Gribble and friends. Everyone had a great day despite the cold blustry weather. Davie Jones from Edinburgh fishing with the Bank of Scotland had a cracking 12lbs 12oz Rainbow in his bag of 4.   Also Gordon Stewart from Glasgow fish with the Bank of Scotland had a 7lbs 2oz Brownie in his bag limit. Sunday 23rd Was a cold and breezy day, The Kats Whiskers angling club and Edinburgh Masonic also a few others having a outing. Harder going than Saturday but despite this Most of the two club members had there bag limits and released a few more. No big fish on sunday, but still plenty sport with quality fish.






BUSY WEEK WITH CLUB OUTINGS AND THE SCIERRA PAIRS COMP. MIDWEEK THE EDINBURGH WALTONS ,  HAD 43fish FOR 104lbs  Migarvie A/C Had a good day despite the blustry weather, All the members had there bag limits with Ron Orr having the best bag with 4 fish for over 15lbs.  DL a/c had 41 fish for 123lbs  Gilmerton Fly Fishers had 30fish for 78lbs.    Sunday 30th April was a FULL HOUSE with the Scierra Pairs.  It was a cold breezy day with a east wind. RESULTS 1st was Mike Connet and Jock Kettles with 31lbs 2oz   This included a 8lbs Brownie.  Jock would normally have released a fish like this, but due to it being a competition, had no option but to take this stunning fish. (photo shown).  2nd place Went to Owen Cook and Richy Anthony with 29lbs   and 3rd was Andy Dunn and Willie Leach.  The first guys to weight in were Grahame Steele and K. Dickons but due to the rules of the comp, there total weight including time bonus was less than the other 3 teams.   Very good angling from all the Guys and Girls who took part in this event, despite the cold blustry conditions. NOTE  WE ARE NOW OPEN FROM TUESDAY TO SUNDAY FOR 1 BOAT OR MORE. STILL BY BOOKINGS ONLY.

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REPORT UPTO 7th MAY, Very changeable week weather wise that had a impact on the fishing returns. Mid Week we had The West of Scotland a/c  and Riverside Tavern A/c from Edinburgh having their first ever visit to Glencorse Rsv. The fishing was on the dour side for the majority of the club members, but Laurie Taylor and boat partner had 39 on catch/release using D3 and fast glass lines. Various patterns such as Cormorants and Mini Dancers were used.  Ken Wood & Ronnie Hunter bagged their 8 fish limit for 22lbs and returned upto 30. The weekend was a cool , bright and breezy. Anglers found it hard going and the returns like most of the other waters were down.


Report upto 14th MAY,  Been quiet Tuesday to Friday with only a few boats going out. Some nice fish have been caught and released including a brownie off around 8lbs. D3 or Fast Glass lines with Diawl bach or cormorants have done the best. The weeknd had a couple of small clubs on.  Phoenix a/c had 26fish for 75lbs 8oz and returnd 24.   Heriots a/c Returned 66 fish and had 8 fish for over 25lbs. Rainbow Warriors had 26 fish for 69lbs ,there best fish was 6lbs 12oz, and returned 29.  The weather at the weekend was very changable with rain, and winds changing direction constantly, this put the fish off, and made things more of a challenge.


REPORT UPTO 21st MAY 2017  Midlothian AA Had their first Visit to Glencorse Rsv this season, they had 22 fish for 45lbs. The best Rod was S.Heney with 4 fish for 12lbs 6oz and released another 5. Ken Wood and Ronnie Hunter who had over 30 on there last visit to Glencorse Rsv found it a wee bit hard going and only managed 11 to the boat. Ronnie had 4 fish for 14lbs. On Saturday TOWNHILL A/C were also having their First visit of the season to Glencorse Rsv and depite the heavy rainfall that lasted all day, they managed 49fish for 117lbs and released a further 60. The best fish was 10lbs 5oz. Gary Johnstone also returned a double figured Fully finned rainbow. PHOTOS SHOWN BELOW. The Locher A/C had a reasonable day depite the wind changing direction all the time, the managed 23 fish for 55lbs. Also having a vist was the BORDER BEARS A/C from England, they also had a reasonable day despite the wind etc. They managed 22 fish for 47lbs and released a few more.  Andrew Healey who has just returned to fly fishing had his first fish in 25 years. Well done Andrew.  NOTICE !!! After the huge success last season of our OPEN COMPS,   Sponsors CHARLES PHILLIPS AUCTIONEERS Have decided to run another OPEN SINGLES.  There will be 2 heats  heat one 18th June 2017 and heat two 25th June 2017  FINAL 1st October 2017. £30 entry for the heats and final.  First heat the first 12 anglers go into the final  and the second heat the first 14 go into the final.  There are already a few names been taken, So if you wish to take part ? Please email BILL with your contact details including tele contact number ASAP.  email tele 01968678709 .



REPORT UPTO 28th MAY,  HOT HOT HOT !!! That was the weather most of this week. We had a new club having their first visit to Glencorse Rsv The police SPIRA WEST. And despite the hot conditions done fairly well with 53 fish for 127lbs 8oz, with 61 fish returned. Wellington a/c had also a fair day with all their members bagging up. Their best Rod was Stuart Strachen who bagged up with 4 for 11lbs and released another 20 +.   Roslin Elite 3 boats had 24 fish and released a few more.    Pencaitland a/c had 47 fish for 110lbs and released many more.




Report UPTO 4th JUNE.   Another varied week weather wise with strong sunshine and swirling winds.  Clubs Returns  Wiremill AC 59 fish for 142lbs 4oz with several fish returned,   Stirling Castle AC 28fish for 63lbs  and North Berwick AC 21 fish for 59lbs with 27 returned.  Lines fast glass and midge tip teamed up with Buzzers, cormorants and Orange Mini Lures. Shallower Water Areas at TOP end and inlets were the most productive.

REPORT UPTO 11th JUNE,  CLOSED ALL WEEK DUE TO FLOODING, EXTREAMLY HEAVY RAINS ,AND WINDS. We did manage to get open at the weekend and it fished fairly well considering the water levels had risen over a meter in such a short time. The fish were not deep and getting taken in the first 2 to 3ft.  Damsels and Blobs were the most poroductive.



REPORT UPTO 18th JUNE.  A very quiet week but successful for the anglers who did fish, Jim Robertson and his dad were out on Friday and a good day, Jim managed to tempt a cracking 10lbs fully finned rainbow, photo  below. Sunday was the first heat of the OPEN singles. Results as follows 1st Jock Kettles  2nd Andy Dunn 3rd Craig Gibbons.  Due to Circumstances and other commitments Jock Kettles, Andy Dunn, Willie Leach and Willie Brash will be unable to fish the final on 1st October.


REPORT UPTO 25th JUNE,  Closed all week due to adverse weather conditions apart from Wednesday were the PCSAC were having a outing. They had a great day with 42fish for 106lbs with 54 returned. Dries, including hoppers and sedges done well for the guys. The rest of the week was a nightmare due to the very strong winds. The final heat of the CHARLES PHILLIPS AUCTIONEERS OPEN SINGLES had to be canceled on Sunday 25th June, and is now being held on Sunday 9th July 2017. Places are still available if you want to enter. Contact us on 01968678709 or send your details to  Thanks



19668042_871961849623236_1676578147_n (1)

REPORT UPTO 9th JULY, Much Busier week compared to the previous weeks, Cart Gosh had a outing on Saturday and had a good day apart from the strong blustry winds. Sunday we had the Final Heat of the Charles Phillips Auctioneers OPEN SINGLES. Results,1st OWEN COOK,  2nd ROSS CARNEIGIE  3rd SHUG SHAW 4th ALAN SMITH. Owen cook twice had a double up, and James Hope had 3 on at once.  Photos below.



REPORT UPTO 16th JULY,  Our Weather was a bit more settled than the previous few weeks, but there was still rain with a swirling wind most of this week. Townhill Ac had a reasonable outing on Saturday taking 46 fish for 106lbs and returning a further 35 including a massive double figured brownie taken by Jim Baxter. (photo below). The small fishers tryst ac also had a it of success with 26 fish for 67lbs. Productive patterns, Cormorants, dabblers, kate Mc laren, fabs and boobies. Midge Tip, Floating , intermediate and slow glass lines.

20132860_10212869746995461_1966737695_o (1)

Report upto 23rd July,  Mid Week was fairly busy with the Long established Ellem Club having their annual outing, Breezy day but productive. The managed 45fish for 113lbs . Robbie Bell had 16 fish on the day , Their best fish was by K.Orr and tipped the Scales at 7lbs 2oz.  Midlothian Angling Association had a great day with only 4 boats catching 25 fish for 77lbs 10oz, this is there best day out and David Fallow had his life time personal best bag, good stuff guys. Then the weekend Came !!!!  Cold and strong swirling winds along with heavy rain spolied the day for the guys. West Lothian Fly Dressers had 30 fish and Paisley Patterns had 24 fish for 73lbs 6oz. The next day SUNDAY ! Poured of rain all day but some great bags came off. Earlston a/c had a good day with 31 fish for 81lbs best fish was Young Dan brown with a PB of 11lbs 8oz Well Done. Also a few members of the Police angling club were having a day out and done realy well. Alan Gilbert had 16 and released a double figured rainbow that was around 10/11lbs  Brian Carneigie had 12 on cormorants. Photos below.20316951_667721526755654_1405370105_o (1)

20353967_1482289535124388_1553853696_o (1)

20247687_667676223426851_3236814142879469147_o (1)

Report upto 30th July 2017, Not to busy this week, and once again heavy rains and cool winds made the fishing much slower than previous weeks. Despite this DL angling club from the steel works done okat with 39 fish for 112lbs 11oz. Best fish was Tam Ramsay who had a fully finned Raibow at 8lbs (photo below). The Rusty Nail from Fife also done okay with 32 fish for 83lbs, and  Carluke a/c  Had a harder day on Sunday with a total weight for 90lbs. 20542977_734046063469596_1290278446_o

REPORT UPTO 6th August,  Couple of local clubs out this weekend. Arniston Bowling Club A/C , Gilmerton FF, And The Heriots A/C.  Mixed returns this week, some guys done well on floating lines and various patterns, others done ok on Midge Tip lines with Fabs, diwal bachs and Kate Mclaren.  Other anglers found it hard going and struggled for most of the day. The weather again was all over the place with Swiling winds and heavy rain showers.  No settled weather is causing the fishing to be very changable at the moment, and the fish appear to moving all over the reservoir and not staying long in the usual Hot Spots.

20767776_881721925313001_4861332761456881894_n                                                                                                                                                     20728261_881721578646369_114947883531079212_n

REPORT UPTO 13th AUGUST,  Has our summer came and gone !!! Everyday this week has been different, Tuesday was glorious with Sunshine and a warm breeze. The rest of the week was heavy rain and blowy. The fish dont Know If they are coming or going. We had a couple of clubs out this week and it was a hit or a miss for their members. Some guys done fairly well and had their bag limits and released several more. Others struggled and only managed one or two. Productive patterns were Diwal Bachs, Snatchers, blobs asnd fabs, fished on slow sink, mid tip and intermediate lines. Here below was one of the fish taken by Graeame Kerr fishing with the Northfield Angling club.



REPORT UPTO 3rd SEPTEMBER, Better week weather wise, but the fishing has been up and down.  One day its fished very well with dries and natural patterns, the next lures, blobs, boobies have been more productive. Below is Ian Muckle with a Muckle Troot he caught on Saturday 2nd September 2017.