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2018 fishing reports

31492112_10160306677325440_8862784690264735744_o29541999_1029992327153520_6326010510256133231_nReport from  March 2018 

The fishing has been really hard going  most of the time due to the adverse weather conditions. Anglers who have have some success have been using mostly D3 or D5 or intermediate Lines. Various lure patterns including Black & Green, Cats Whiskers, Dancers, Blobs and Boobies. Slow figure eight has been the most productive.

APRIL 2018 Upto 15th, Townhill ac and The Black Bull ac both had a fantastic weekend with all there members getting there bag limits and releasing many more. D3 D5 and intermediate lines were the most productive teamed up with Mini lures Black & Green, Cats whiskers and Yellow Dancers. Cormorants and nymps also done well.


Report upto 22nd April, Nice weather for a couple of days helped the fishing big time. Plenty fish getting caught/released. Still mostly intermediate or midge tip lines teamed up with mini lures and boobies. A few anglers have also enjoyed some success with Cormorants and small nymphs. Above is James Hope from StBoswells ac showing off one of many fish caught and released on their outing to Glencorse Rsv.

Report upto 30th April,  Bad to poor weather knocking the fishing for a six. We thought we had seen the last of the cold winds from the east , but heavy rain and bitter cold winds have set us back yet again. The fishing has been so changable, good one day then hard the next. The start of May has been quiet but the fishing is improving. Gilmerton Fly Fishers had a good day and all the members bagged up and released several more. Davy Thomson from Edinburgh was out on Thurday 3rd May and had a outstanding days fishing. Davy had his bag limit and released 14 more. In his bag limit he had a cracking brownie taken on a black and green tadpole fished on a intermediate line. photo below !!!!



Good returns despite the very changable weather. Its been Wet and Very Cold for the time of year, and its also been hot and very sunny at times with not a cloud in the sky. This without any fear of controdiction has had a adverse effect on the fishing.   Some anglers however, have had outstanding sport and had fish well into double figures. George from the Vesuivious angling club had a lovely brace of fish with 4 for 24lbs. George took them on a fly unknown to me named a German. Photos below. Wellington A/C also had a great day with members getting well into double figures. The Heriots AC and the Rainbow Warriors were fishing in  very bright and sunny conditions ,with winds changing direction most of the day. Still , they managed to get a good few fish. Mostly intermediate and sinking lines.




Report upto 23rd MAY,  Is that our summer arrived ???? Not sure !  One day it can be glorious weather the next day the Tempature has fallen to back to only 4 or 5 degrees. Example We had the Pheonix Angling club out on the Saturday , they had a great day with everyone catching plenty . Also out was the Roslin Elite anglers who had a fantastic days fishing. There was not a cloud in the sky and the weather was not really ideal for fly fishing.  The next day, there was cloud cover and the tempature had droppped, you would have thought it was ideal conditions, but the Leith A/C really struggled and only a few fish were taken. Productive patterns when its been good are D3 or fast glass teamed up with Fabs, boobies, blobs, cotmorants and snatchers, Viva has also done well as is Yellow Dancers.


REPORT UPTO 27th MAY 2018, Busier week with Club outings, THE SPRA (Police Angling Section) From the west had a great day despite the very bright and breezy conditions, they managed 138lbs in their catch that included a cracking 8lb and 7lbs Fully finned rainbows. Taken by Stevie Mannion and Alex Know. One of their members also returned a big brownie of around 8/9lbs. Pencaitland A/C and The North berwick Angling club had a outing, but it was foggy and cool in the morning clearing up into Bright sunshine with a cool breeze. This made it more challenging, but still a few anglers had their bag limits and released several more. Intermediate, Fast Glass, and Midge tip with Yellow dancers, Damsels, Boobies, Fabs and cormorants done the business.


REPORT UPTO 5th JUNE 18,  The weather has been very changeable recently , and without any fear of controdiction has an adverse effect on the fishing. It can fish great one day and the next be very challenging. Anglers who have had some success have been on d3 or d5 lines with Sunburst blobs, buzzers, nymphs.


34877082_1939877549356107_1603612321559609344_n (1)

REPORT UPTO 10th JUNE , Sorry we thought things were starting to improve with the fishing, but like most other venues anglers have found the fishing to be a challenge. Anglers have been trying various methods from Floating lines with dries to D5 and D7 lines with boobies, fabs, humungus etc etc. There just has been no consistency. Im sorry but im unable to offer my customers anything more positive, and just am hoping that the weather starts to settle.

REPORT UPTO 17th JUNE, STRONG GALE WINDS Forced us to remain closed for several days, but it was much more settled for the weekend. Saturday 16th Roslin Brithish Legion and the Pinlaws a/c had a outing. Both clubs done very well with most of their members bagging up and returning a few more. Damsels, Humungus, Cats Whiskers fished on intermediate or slow sink lines were very productive.  Sunday 17th We hosted the National Heat of the Scierra Pairs. Conditions we good and all but one angler turned up. RESULTS 1st in was single angler Chris Melville in 1hr 47mins Chris had no partner and fished alone, he had a outstanding bag with 8 fish for 21lbs.VERY WELL DONE. 2nd in was Willie Leach and Andy done with 20lbs 40z, but due to heavier weights, did not manage to Qualify.  Finishing in 1st place with 27lbs that included a 8lbs rainbow in their catch was Paul Boyle & Davie Stewart,  2nd place with Chris Melville with 21lbs plus time bonus, and in 3rd place was Shug Shaw and Stevie Cowan with 23lbs 3oz. A very big thanks to All the anglers for taking part and Phil Dixon From Scierra. Photos shown below. Also a big thanks to Nigel Duncan (REPORTER) From

REPORT UPTO 26th JUNE 2018,  From one extream to another, the weather now is tropical ,with very hot and bright conditions also breezy at times. This is without any fear of controdition some of the most challenging conditions for the fly angler. We had a busy week with a few clubs having outings. The PCSAC Anglers had a total weight of 85lbs, their heavist fish went to Ian Buchan (photo shown below) Milngavie A/C had only four boats out, Ronnie Orr was the best rod on the day with his bag of 4 fish for 12lbs and released another 10. Laurie Rennie had their heavist fish at 7lbs (photo shown below). Townhill A/C had a total weight for 103lbs Their top rod on the day was Colin McLone with his bag on 4 for 11lbs and releasing another 8.  Stirling Castle had a total weight for 53lbs 4oz Best Rod was Eck Moffat with his limit and released another 9. According tothe weather forecast for the next week or so, is to be very hot and bright with a breeze at times. Recommended patterns are D5 or D7 with blobs and cormorants.  Daddies and hoppers fished on floating lines are picking up the odd fish.

35885855_1082863211866431_6157675551210340352_nIAN BUCHAN FROM THE PCSAC WITH HIS 7lbs RAINBOW



REPORT UPTO 1st JULY 2018. BLISTERING HOT WEATHER Has had a massive impact on the fishing . Unless you are fortunate to find the depth and areas that the fish are holding, it can be a real struggle. My self and friend were out on Wednesday and managed a few to the boat on Floating lines with Cormorants. (Photos Below)

REPORT UPTO 8th JULY 2018, Sorry nothing really positive to report apart from how challenging the fishing has been this week with the very hot and breezy weather. Anglers have really been struggling to tempt the fish to take, depite trying every line known to man and every fly you could think off. Saturday 7th July was very bright with a very light breeze, and the Garth Gosh A/c was having a outing. They managed a few fish with the heavist a 5lbs 3oz fully finned rainbow.  Sunday was a completly different day with Bright sunshine and a strong breeze, The West Lothian Fly Dressers (CREDIT WERE ITS DUE) stuck to it and tried there best, but it was not to be and the fish were just not playing ball. 

REPORT TODAY 16th JULY 2018, We checked out our water temperature last week and at 18ft down it was at 19 degree. Easy to understand WHY the fishing is so challenging at the moment. Its great weather at the moment but ! Its not fishing weather. Cooler temperatures and rain required.